Recipe 576: 14 types of Lunch Box Recipes for 14

Lunch Box Recipes collection ideal for moms to prepare for school and work is featured in this post. It is suitable for school kids and office goers too. Lunch Box Recipes presented here are main course ideas that are nutritious & delicious and at the same time quick and easy to cook for all.Lunch Box Menu decision is a challenging task than cooking the menu itself. We have thousands of options to choose from but what we can cook for the lunch box for that day is a thousand dollar question each day moms come across.I have made an attempt here accommodating all the above factors to organise the lunch box menu ideas and presented 14 days-14 Lunch Box Recipe which are nutritious & delicious and at the same time quick & easy to cook for moms.

Recipes mentioned are:
01:15 #Paneer_Paratha
06:19 #Cheese_Paratha
07:46 #Vegetable_Pulao
11:52 #Chana_Rice
15:06 #Dryfruit_Rice
19:01 #Kothamalli_Rice
23:22 #Vendakai_Rice
26:17 #Bajji_milagai_Sadham
30:46 #Nellikaai_Sadham
33:05 #Thakkali_Sadham
36:13 #Carrot_Rice
38:06 #Capsicum_Rice
39:59 #Matar_Paneer
43:24 #Cabbage_Rice

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