Outdoor Stone Cooking & Grilling at the Riverside in the

Outdoor Stone Cooking & Grilling at the Riverside in the Mountain | 15 Delicious Chinese Food
1. No ordinary egg
2. Ribs
3. Green Chili
4. Chicken Leg
5. Leeks
6. Enoki Mushroom
7. Shrimps
8. Cabbage
9. Grilled Squid on Sticks
10. Fried Tripe
11. Roasted Chinese Yam
12. Chicken Wings
13. Roasted Eggplant
14. Octopus
15. Steamed Buns

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Mukbang in Chinese
Mukbang is an online broadcasted live-stream video and sometimes pre-recorder of a person eating food while interacting with the audience.

In Chinese, it is a combination of two words like 减压 (jian ya) meaning to ‘de-stress’, which combines 减少 (jian shao) meaning to ‘lessen’ and 压力 (ya li) meaning ‘stress’. Likewise Mukbang combines the two words ‘meokja’, a shortened word for ‘to eat’; and ‘bangsong’ which means ‘to air’, to create ‘eating broadcast’ word.

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