[No Oven No Mixer] Top 2 Best Dessert Recipes

[No Oven No Mixer] Top 2 Best Dessert Recipes. Dorayaki and Steamed Cake

How To Make Dorayaki Doraemon Cake
Ingredients :
1 egg
1tbsp White sugar
1/2tsp Honey
1/4cup All-purpose flour or cake flour
1/2 tsp Baking powder
5 ml Water or milk

I used hazelnuts/cream cheese & strawberry/you can replace it with red bean paste

How to make an easily steamed cake

Eggs 3
Lemon juice 6g(2tsp)
White sugar 50g(1/4cup)
Corn oil 25g(2tbsp)
Cake flour 75g(1/2cup)
Baking powder 3g(3/4tsp)

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