Lunch At Mangalore’s Most Popular SEAFOOD Restaurant, MACHALI

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Given its incredible popularity with hundreds of seafood lovers who visit here for the meals, fries and curries everyday, it’s hard to believe that this restaurant is only six years old. I visit this eatery that has the vibe of a busy dining hall to indulge in a humongous meal, and along the way also catch up with its unassuming owner, Vicky Pai, who says his trying experiences as a young executive looking for affordable, homestyle food in a new city, spurred him to open Machali – to serve tasty, homestyle food at affordable prices. And going by my meals at this eatery, I have visited thrice already, and watching fastidious Mangalorans relish the seafood here, Machali certainly delivers, whether one wants to enjoy a sumptuous fish meal and fry for Rs. 150 or splurge Rs. 300. Truly, a democratic seafood restaurant that caters to all.

Fish Thaali
A standard Mangalore fish meal experience, on the plate there is a fish curry with a small piece of fish, some dry vegetables on the side, boiled rice, shrimp chutney, fried sandige and pickle. Servers walk along ladling more fish curry, a simple Konkani style lentil preparation, daali thove, and rasam out of buckets.
Rs. 60 (usd 0.8)

Taru Buthai
Tiny sardines, fried to delicious scrumptiousness, the sort that you eat whole. Quite tasty!
Rs. 100 (usd 1.3)

Prawn Fry
A robustly-flavoured fresh prawn preparation crusted in a Konkan koliwada masala. Once you get past the spices, you can taste the sweet lilt of the prawns.
Rs. 230

Boneless Crab Ghee Roast
Perfect for those who love crab but don’t want to go through the hassle of de-shelling one. The lush ghee roast masala packs a punch more so against the mild flavours of the crab, the buttery fervour of the ghee brings the spices and the crabmeat together.
Rs. 280 (usd 3.8)

Squid Ghee Roast
The squid was cooked to the texture that yielded quite gently to the bite, the masala though, seemed a tad salty to my taste. Perhaps a bit lacking in the ghee.
Rs. 180 (usd 2.4)

Alle Piyao
A flavourful Konkani curry made of ginger, onions and fresh coconut. The onions, starring both in the masala and the seasoning, are quite pronounced on the palate, as is a tinge of turmeric and the warmth of the ginger.
Rs. 130 (usd 1.8)

Anjal Tava Fry
A plump piece of fish, flakey and pristine in its freshness, crusted with a punchy masala. You can taste the red chilli spice the moment you place the fish in your mouth, but the meaty character of the anjal balances against the spicy hit.
Rs. 200 (usd 2.7)

Pomfret Tava Masala
The pomfret is burdened under the weight of a flavourful masala that has notes of savouriness, heat and sourness, owing to the onions, curry leaves, chillies and tamarind. The fish is moist, poached in a turmeric curry first, before being slathered with the masala in a pan.
Rs. 300 (usd 4)

Happy Eating!

Kripal Amanna,
Gourmet On The Road,
Food Lovers TV
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TIMINGS: lunch – 1130am to 330pm, dinner – 7pm to 10pm
Note: Closed for dinner on Mondays. Get here early, there is usually a bit of a wait, especially on weekends, but service is quick.
ADDRESS – Machali Restaurant, Behind Ocean Pearl, Sharada Vidyalaya Rd, Kodailbail, Mangalore, Karnataka 575003; tel: +91 77959 57575

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