Grilling Tips with Grill Guy Jeremy

Who doesn’t love succulent chicken breast grilled on the Trager grill? Add a little extra to your chicken by smoking it on a wood pellet smoked grill topped with Traeger’s all-natural Summer Shandy rub. Today with our Grill Guy Jeremy, we’re going to show you how to make the delicious chicken breast that we serve every Saturday at our grill-outs.

Normally, if you’re not careful, smoking your chicken breast can leave you with a dry, chewy, and overall unsatisfactory cut of chicken. You’ll want to bathe that breast in some fresh cold-pressed olive oil. We’re not talking just any old olive oil, we mean the good stuff. You can tell an olive oil’s quality by the color. You don’t want yellow oil, but rather the fresh green stuff. That’s how you can tell it’s fresh. We grill-out every weekend at the store, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there! We add new Grill Guy Tips videos every week! Share your thoughts in the comments below! This is our Grill Guy Jeremy, taking your taste experience to the backcountry, and beyond!

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