Fuel Your Body Grilled Garlic Chicken || EatFYB

Fuel Your Body Grilled Garlic Chicken || EatFYB
This meal was delicious. The chicken breast was perfectly cooked, with good moisture in it. The sweet potatoes were flavourful with a great texture even after being microwaved. It came with a lemon and a smoked garlic sauce which paired nicely.

EatFYB Grilled Garlic Chicken Nutrition:
353 calories
44g protein
32g carbohydrate
6g fat

Overall very delicious with great macronutrients.


Fuel Your Body is a meal prep company from Prince Edward Island. Fuel Your Body PEI has a number of healthy meals with amazing macronutrients.

You can buy this from:
B2 – Grilled Garlic Chicken

Or on www.eatfyb.ca

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