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Fresh Cream – 1/2 Cup (Buy:
Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate – 200 Gms (Buy:
Full Fat Milk – 1 Cup
Chocolate Brownie
Chopped Cashews Nut (Buy:
Almonds (Buy:
Oreo Biscuits (Buy:
Chocolate Milk Shake
Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Wafer Sticks

1. To a saucepan, add fresh cream and dark chocolate pieces.
2. Stir the mixture at low flame until the chocolate is melted.
3. Chocolate ganache is ready.
4. To make the chocolate milk shake, add fut fat milk and some of the prepared chocolate ganache.
5. Blend them well. Keep them aside.
6. Chop up few pieces of the pre-made chocolate brownie.
7. To assemble the Sundae, take couple of glasses.
8. Place the chocolate brownie pieces at the bottom of the glasses.
9. Pour some of the chocolate ganache over the brownie bits.
10. Sprinkle some chopped nut mixture of almonds, cashew and walnuts.
11. Place few pieces of oreo biscuits.
12. Pour the chocolate milkshake into the glass about half the height.
13. Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream.
13. Place few more brownie bits and pour rest of the chocolate ganache.
14. Sprinkle some more of the chopped nut mixture.
15. Top it off with another scoop of desired ice cream.
16. Rich and luscious Chocolate Shake Sundae is ready.

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