BBQ Tri Tip vs Smoked Brisket Point On The UDS

BBQ Tri Tip vs Smoked Brisket Point, I know I did not cook the tri tip correctly. Well remember this is a test. I wanted to see if you could smoke a tri tip and it come out as good as it does on my Santa Maria Grill. I also wanted to see how it match up to a Texas Smoked Brisket. Well I tell you the tri tip roast was excellent when you smoked it like a brisket. Now with me injecting it, the moisture level was helped allot. Now since was are talking about injecting, the LC BBQ injection was fantastic. It kept the tri tip and the brisket point moist and packed full of beef flavor. LC BBQ products with help you in the competition game and if you are just a back yard cook, you will raise your game to a new level. Remember to find LC BBQ on FaceBook, the link is below. Also do not forget to use the code CJ10 at checkout for a 10% discount. Please remember to share my video of “BBQ Tri Tip VS Smoked Brisket Point”. Also give me that thumbs up and tell your friends and family about Texas Style BBQ And Cuisine.


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