7 Easy Healthy Snack Ideas: Low Calories Healthy Snacks Recipe

Today I will share with you – 7 Easy Healthy Evening Snack Ideas for Weight Loss. This healthy snacks recipes you will like & enjoy.

Those people doing weight loss, they sometimes eat or skip their evening snacks. Due to this at dinner they end-up with more calories meal.

Today I will talk on the Best & Healthy Evening Snacks options which you can easily make at home or find outside. All these snacks will keep you full for longer time & will manage your calorie intake.

Healthy Evening Snack Ideas:

1. Roasted Chana: It is a best evening snack option. Roasted chana are low in fats and have less calories. It has good amount of protein. 50 grams roasted chana have 82 calories. Video Link – https://youtu.be/wkLWathi6a0 (Timeline: 2:50)

2. Boiled Chana Salad: With cucumber, tomato, onion & green chutney is a mouthwatering dish. It is less than 200 calories dish & has good amount of protein.

3. Boiled Egg White Salad/Bhel: The recipe is same like boiled chana salad, instead of boil chana use egg white and rest of the ingredients are same. It is less than 150 calories recipe.

4. Paneer Salad/ Bhel: The recipe of paneer salad is similar to boiled chana salad, instead of boil chana add paneer in cube form and rest of the ingredients are same. Use 30-40 grams of paneer only. It is less than 200 calories recipe.

5. Makhana (Lotus Seeds/Fox nuts): It is rich in protein, carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous. You can roast makhana with pinch of salt, haldi and pepper powder. 25 grams of makhana has less than 100 calories.

6. Apple: One apple a day keeps doctor away! This says is true! The benefits of apple as you all know. One medium size apple have less than 100 calories.

7. Nuts & Seeds: In seeds, you can have watermelon seeds / pumpkin seeds / flax seeds… or in nuts, you can have 5-6 almonds / 2-3 walnuts or palm size roasted peanuts without salt. It is less than 150 calories.

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