3 Pro Tips Max Gains at Brazilian BBQ Churrascaria Braza

Pro tips to gain max gains at Brazlian BBQ. One. Pace yourself. I like to eat three meat items then a salad break. This helps me get some greens into my body. I even walk around the buffet. I love palm of hearts as choice. Two. When the First round of meat arrives there are so many typs of cut. ask for small portions. Taste. Find your favourite cut. My favourite is the famous pichana. Tender and juicy. Three. Drink vinegar to help digest. I hope over to the salad bar and just drink a spoonful of vinegar. All you can eat buffet are a long marathon. Asian Food Nerd. Make sure you hit the subscribe and like button.

Braza Hong Kong
15 Lan Kwai Fong, Central

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