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If you want know how to make white bread loaf, please check the video I posted before. https://youtu.be/SHdkSJqGGFE . This time I used the bread to make delicious breakfast. Vegetables, meat, and eggs are all wrapped in it. It is nutritious and delicious. My two little children are picky eaters, they don’t like to eat vegetables, so I wrap the vegetables in the bread and they will eat them together.

* 5pcs Sliced white bread loaf
* 1/2pcs Sweet pepper
* 3pcs Green onion
* 1pcs Sausage
* 6tbsp Pea
* 6tbsp Corn
* 1/2tsp Salt
* 2pcs Eggs
* 4pcs Mozzarella cheese
* Oil

Qiong’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qiong_cooking/?hl=en
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* 5pcs 吐司片
* 1/2pcs 甜椒
* 3pcs 葱
* 1pcs 火腿肠
* 6tbsp 豌豆
* 6tbsp 玉米
* 1/2tsp 盐
* 2pcs 鸡蛋
* 4pcs 马苏里拉芝士
* 油

Qiong’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/qiong_cooking/?hl=en

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