Only 1 Potato & 1 eggs

Potato Omelette | Simple Healthy Breakfast | Potato Egg Recipe

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Potato Omelette, a simple healthy, easy and lazy morning breakfast recipe with just 2 ingredients. This easiest breakfast recipe can be made with in just 10 minutes, and recipe well fit for kids tiffin box ideas or easy snacks recipe on evening time with protein rich healthy ingredients.

Egg & potato recipe, that is all you need to prepare Here, I share with you a delicious potato egg recipe prepared with pan, just pan. Easy and quick recipe in 10 min made with just 2 ingredients, potato and eggs not even cheese added, perfect for morning breakfast or evening snack.

Not much further ado, let’s make Potato Omelette Recipe. Potato Omelette, a perfect tasty, healthy, high protein breakfast and or best to pack for kids lunch box.

Potato 1 (Grated)
Egg 1
Flour 1/2 Tbsp

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