Kale Baked Eggs

If you love runny yolks & hate doing dishes, then these Creamy Kale Baked Eggs are for you! Great for breakfast OR breakfast for dinner, this dish uses up both the kale leaves & stems to make a hearty base to hold Handsome Brook Farms Pasture Raised Organic Eggs before getting thrown into the oven.
Get the recipe by visiting https://ff.recipes/kale-baked-eggs

Handsome Brook Farms has defined ‘Handsomeness’ as acts of generosity to the planet, the hens and the farmers. They have long upheld these standards for welfare and sustainability, but also know that being Handsome means so much more. They are committed to continuing to donate, to listen, to work, to plan, to look inside and be better, to amplify voices. In June Handsome Brook Farms made a donation of $5,000 to Soul Fire Farm, an organization dedicated to ending racism and injustice in our food system. The donation will help support upcoming initiatives from their team that will help Black, Indigenous, and Latinx growers gain skills in a supportive and joyful environment.

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