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For the adventurous eater, caterpillar and cockroach recipes

BY Rosemary Black

Thursday, April 15th 2010, 1:14 PM

If boring dinners are starting to bug you, revive your appetite with smoked caterpillars and stir-fried cockroaches.

Caterpillars, a popular food source since they’re so ubiquitous, can be consumed raw, fried or baked, says Jamaica’s The Gleaner. In Botswana, they’re an ingredient in varous dishes and can even be dried and stored for future meals.

The directions for one dish call for boiling a pound of fresh, dried or smoked caterpillars, boiling up some spinach, and seasoning with hot peppers, cayenne, salt and black pepper. The caterpillars are then served on a bed of greens.

The Gleaner also offers a stew that features dried mopane worms. (In case you didn’t know, they’re caterpillars of the emperor moth that hails from southern Africa.) Onions, bell peppers, hot chilies, tomato sauce and homemade curry powder go into this dish, entitled Phane Stew. And should you have some cockroaches around, The Gleaner’s got a stir-fried cockroach recipe that includes rice and bell peppers. One potential kitchen snafu? The roaches need to be “recently frozen.”

It’s also not for harried working moms since it’s rather time consuming: the solid wing covering flaps and cockroach legs all need to be discarded before the cooking gets underway.

Hungry for more? Creepy-crawly cuisine’s not the only Caribbean fare that’s a bit of an acquired taste.

“Here in the Caribbean we eat some things that are frowned on too,” The Gleaner reports. “Like the cod of the bull (cow cod soup) and black pudding made from the blood of animals.”

It’s a safe bet none of it tastes like chicken.

Click here to read the recipes.

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